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Our Story

Moon Monsters was first established in Winlaw, BC by a man who used to sell thrifted items as well as his own art. Long time owner Kandice Fisher saw this gem in hiding as an opportunity to grow. She took over the store and later purchased it and continued to run with it for the next three years. Over the course of these three years the store begin to morph into a creature of it's own, a Moon Monster if you will. Things kept growing, the store got busier and things were getting pretty pretty weird. So weird that Kandice believed she should pick up and move the store to Nelson, BC where we reside now!
A couple store moves later (to say the least) and we are all cozy back in our original Secret Cave at 448 Baker St, Nelson B.C.
Now you may be wondering what a Moon Monster is and I've got to tell you, you've come to the right place for answers.
Legend has it that the Moon Monster is actually older than Mother Earth. His voice is soft and his taste in trinkets impeccable, he definitely knows how to find shiny things.  One night while the Moon Monster was out for his midnight scavenge he realized all the funky and sparkly stuff that people were throwing away.  Shocked Moon Monster began to panic at the thought of everyone losing their weirdness. What type of boring world would we live in without freaks and geeks and everything in between?? So that night Moon Monster concocted a plan. He would create a place like no other and so,  Moon Monsters Secret Cave was born. 
Stay odd kids.
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